aaaaLive Webcam Session by October 9, 2013 @8pm EST

Posted on Wed, 9 October 2013

After Workout Worship and foot spa

Date: Thursday October 9th, 2013

Time: 8pm EST


Removing my sneakers after a long hard workout can be quite the treat for you foot boys. Appreciate the scent and feel my warm damp soles on your face. Strip my feet free of those sweaty socks and I will fill your foot slut mouth with them. You will then pamper my tired piggies with a bubble bath and taste the droplets of water as they drip from my toes. On your back you surrender to me and take my entire foot in your mouth. I know I will enjoy watching your cock grow for me and throb in hopes I might allow you release.

*In addition to the special items needed for this session, foot slaves and foot fetishists should also have the following MANDATORY items for EVERY live session:




(1.) A COLLAR: To be presented to Goddess across your palms while in the kneeling position at the beginning of every session. You will announce that you are in the kneeling position and await Her instruction to then put it on.

(2.) A RULER/WOODEN SPOON: To be kept close by in the event Goddess feels you are in need of discipline or if she just feels like having you punish your worthless cock and balls for her amusement.

(3.) ROPE: (Small in diameter and no more than 3-4 ft. in length). Possibly used to tie up your swollen member. Goddess likes to maintain her control of your erection at all times. 

(4.) CLOTHESPINS: (At least 6). To be placed on your sensitive nipples or just about anywhere Goddess pleases. Knowing you will squirm with discomfort under the constant pinch does bring Her great pleasure!

*NOTE: You MUST have the latest version of Java to interact with Goddess Brianna during the live session.  CLICK HERE to check confirm you have the latest version of Java. 


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